• Founded in 2008, the California Brain Tumor Association is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding public health. We believe that it is inexcusable to allow technological advances invented to enrich our lives rob us of our lives instead.


    We have been researching the question of how the wireless radiation from cell phones, towers and wifi routers (all things wireless) has harmful effects on health. The wireless industry says the “jury is out” and that the studies to date are inconclusive or mixed, with about half saying yes and half saying no. We do not agree.


    Independent expert groups have looked at the same studies and determined that the industry-funded studies tend to find no harm and the independent studies tend to find there is harm.

    The science is far more settled than the industry claims.

    Our reading of the situation is that science has established enough proof of harm that regulations should be updated now and appropriate warnings issued. The “jury” actually is back and it has given its guilty verdict.

    In brief, we are convinced that the science, on a global basis, is far more definitive than the claims by industry and government agencies imply. I recognize that this position places us far out on a limb relative to most people, but our conviction level is very high.

    CABTA focuses on prevention as the cure and exposes environmental hazards.

    We fight to educate you, your children and grandchildren because you have the right to know

    health and safety information about avoidable environmental health threats.


    Currently, we continue to focus on prevention of primary brain tumors due to cell phone use and our government's deployment of 4G and 5G technology with no apparent concern for peer reviewed published science documenting the health risks from wireless technology.


    We offer numerous programs, provide resources, educate communities, publish articles, develop and promote constructive policy changes, and advance cutting-edge research efforts.

  • Leadership Team

    Ellie Marks

    Executive Director

    Entering the brain tumor world in 2008, Ellie became active after her husband was diagnosed with a malignant brain cancer which has been attributed to his cell phone use. Ellie has testified to Congress, attends International Expert Conferences, and has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Larry King Live, and many other national newscasts. Ellie is an outspoken advocate for educating, advocating, and legislating nationwide. Ellie is one of the lead authors of a legislative Briefing Book, which has been translated into 8 languages worldwide. Her work focuses on prevention of primary brain tumors which are caused by radiation.

  • Comments

    “Stay strong and courageous.

    Your work is of great importance.”

    - California State Senator Mark Leno -

    "I am in awe of your nonprofit. You are going to do great things. Your ability to turn such a tragedy into selfless advocacy speaks volumes."


    "My young daughter of 20 months will not be getting a cell phone because of the knowledge I have because of people like you. Thank you, thank you. Let me assure you, that your willingness to not be silent is an inspiration."

    "I appreciate your efforts and commend your strength. May you be blessed with strength and inscribed in the book of life."


    "What a bold act of love, and

    of regaining power for the family.

    You will make the difference you seek.

    Keep on speaking, keep on fighting."

    "Your testimony was powerful and a definite memorable moment in the Senate hearing."

    "Your website is amazing!

    I sent it to everyone on my email list.

    It's easy to navigate and so well written

    and informative."

    "You have my admiration for educating the public about the dangers of cell phones."

    "Thank you for what you’re doing.

    Great website."


    "Your nonprofit is phenomenal and a tribute.

    You are surviving and thriving through your determination to make a real difference."

    "The contents of your letter and website are so well written, powerful and tragic."

    "I am so proud that you went to DC.

    God bless you for your activism and courage."

    "I'm proud of your efforts!

    Keep up the good fight. I will have a heart to heart with my children."

    "The ripple effect of your positive and bold action will be felt around the world."

    "Your website blew me away

    and I cried as read each section.

    It is powerful."

    "Your web site is really amazing.

    What a great job - again."

    "I am filled with pride over your testimony yet saddened for what you have been and will be going through. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you."

    "I am a firm believer that God has placed this burden on you for a reason and I think that reason is because you have the guts to do the battle that needs to be done."

    "I know for myself, you have enlightened me on a mission to protect myself and most of all my kids from over-use of a cell phone."

    "Thank you very much for taking the time to inform me. I will help you with your path to educate as many people that I know."

    "Thanks so much. I will be forwarding your website to all my family and friends."

    "Incredible, your poise, openness and compassion in telling your story and the risks associated with cell phone use were amazing."

    "Thanks so much for being such a wonderful example. I doubt many folks I know would have the courage to do what you are doing."

    "Thank you for your work, keep on getting louder! I think it’s great what you are doing for families of brain cancer patients. I wish WA had something like your organization. We had no one to help us."

  • Thank you for your support.