• Instructions to Reduce Wireless Radiation Exposure:

    Safety Instructions for Children Using Wireless Technology to

    Study at Home


    These recommendations are for those up to age 18 and their family members or caregivers who help children study at home during the pandemic and beyond


    1. Children who study at home should use personal computers, Chromebooks, laptops or iPads connected to the internet via a wired connection (ethernet cable) with the wi-fi antennas turned off. Ethernet is much faster, safer, less expensive and simple to set up.


    1. When ethernet cabling is not available and one must use a wireless network, the distance from the wi-fi router to the student should be at least 16 feet.


    1. If you are using a device to do anything that doesn’t require an internet connection, be sure to turn the device on Airplane mode. This will disable the wi-fi and cellular connections which dramatically reduces the amount of radiation being emitted.


    1. Distance is KEY, the further you can be away from the device, the better. Medical experts recommend keeping Chromebooks, iPads and computers at least 8 inches from the body. Devices should never be placed on the lap or held in their hands while using. The more you distance your body from a cell phone, hotspot, router, or wireless device the more you reduce exposure to wireless radiation.


    1. Children 2-5 should have screen time limited to one hour daily. Children 6 and over should have consistent limits on time spent using technology with parents ensuring that screen time does not take the place of sleep, physical activity or real-life personal interactions.


    1. Hotspots and Wi-fi should be turned off when not in use, especially during the night. Devices should be turned off when not in use. Devices and hotspots should never be placed in a bedroom.


    1. Connect printers, keyboards, mouse, speakers, headphones and game controllers with cords rather than wi-fi or Bluetooth.


    1. Download and then work offline as much as possible. Many programs let you work offline and sync later. Download movies and music rather than streaming.