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    The Dr. Oz Show

    University of San Francisco


    Ellie Marks

    Speaking About Husband's Illness

    Berkeley City Council Meeting

    CABTA Testimony

    Celebrity DJ Steve Aoki

    Cell Phones and Cancer


    City of Berkeley

    "Right to Know" Ordinance

    Berkeley City Council

    Testimony of Tiffany Frantz

    City of Berkeley Meeting


    The Commonwealth Club

    Victims Speak Out

    NBC Nightly News

    with Brian Williams

    Advocates Labeling Cell Phones

    in Cell Phone Stores

    SF Cell Phone Radiation

    "Right to Know" Ordinance

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta


    Jewish Community Center Forum

    City of Berkeley

    Vote on Cell Phone Ordinance

    Reduce Your Exposure


    Is Your Cell Phone Safe?

    Mobilize Documentary

    CABTA Picketing CTIA Conference in San Francisco


    Cell Phone Safety Hearing

    Coffee Talk

    with Ellie Marks

    Jimmy Gonzalez -Deceased at age 40

    CABTA Protests the CDPH

    Hiding Safety Documents

    City of Berkeley

    Alan Marks

    Panel - Ellie Marks